HiSmile Teeth

  • Role: Design & Direction
  • Client: HiSmile Teeth
  • Sound: None-Tone
  • Year: 2018

When HiSmile reached out to me, asking me to produce content featuring their products I started to think how I could integrate the products into a CG environment. I knew I wanted to use colored lights, but without budget or access to professional lighting equipment. I used a cake display plate and an electric screwdriver to rotate the products at a constant speed. Shooting different takes with different light angles I was able to frame-match and then stack the different light takes together, but still colorize them individually, effectively re-lighting the live action plates in post and integrating them into my CG environments. I then created my cg environments in which I got to play around with plastic simulations and holographic materials.

The project resulted in two videos, one about the HiSmile UV Light device and one about the HiSmile Night/Day Toothpastes. I worked in a large square format, which allowed me to crop to both classic 16:9 widescreen format as well as the popular 9:16 portrait format for social media purposes.

Make sure to check out the Process Breakdown!

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